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The Fast track with formula one investors

16 "Formula One" investors from around the country will reveal their secrets to crushing the game
This event will be focused on bringing investors that have cracked the code to pulling in massive profits in real estate, specializing in any of these areas of business: 

  • Ninja Marketing Tactics - What's working best to snipe the market for the best properties

  • Negotiating - Striking the best deals with residential, commercial, and multi-family

  • Deal Making - Making money in new or multiple lanes of real estate

  • Raising Money - Attracting investors to your deals so that you never have to pass one up

  • Selling - Next level dispositions, transactions, creative finance exits, and powerful tools

  • Scaling and Structuring - Building teams that can 100x your output without you working in the business

This event will take place May 6th-7th
in Miami, Florida

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