You’re invited to be part of this 
closed-door high-level
Mastermind of Titans

Where each member is a multi-million dollar real estate entrepreneur that will share how they’ve cracked the code on what we call the “Wealth EcoSystem” that keeps making money regardless if they win or lose.
The Real Estate Entrepreneurs Event and Mastermind 
is happening October 21st - October 24th, in Miami, FL.
This will be an in-person only event, with rockstars flying in from all over the country to share their business blueprints.
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We’ve invited these powerful millionaire entrepreneurs to be part of this mastermind:

Speakers and Topics
Speaker list for Miami will be released soon!
Jorge Valdes
"Narco" Mindset
Brad Lea
Building and Scaling Business
Christopher Kai
Billionaire Networker
Kirk Richards
David Olds
Creative Finance Expert
Scott Morse
Cold Call Monster and Investor
Nick Perry
Nationwide PPC Wholesaling
Lee West
Henry Washington
Rental Portfolio
Charles Hernandez
Creative Real Estate
Victor Herdia
Nationwide Wholesaling
Armando Olivares
Nationwide Wholesaling
Marcos Jacober
Tax Liens/Deeds and AirBnB
Ruben Mata
Sales & Mindset Specialist
Brad Blazar
Expert in Raising Capital
Ricardo Rosales (Host)
Nationwide Wholesaler
Keyan Razi (Host)
Online Marketer and Investor
Pat Hilton (EMCEE)
Master of Networking
Corey Geary
Nationwide Wholesaling
Joel Condor
7-Figure Fix & Flips
Brent Fanklin
Special Category Investor
Robert Wensley
CEO InvestorLift 
Dmitry Shirokov
CTO InvestorLift
Don Costa
Host of Flip Talk
Cris Chico
Investor & Marketer
Mike Jones
Special Guests - Musical Artist
Chris Jefferson
Nationwide Wholesaling

This event is the first of its kind and a unique opportunity for real estate entrepreneurs

To be clear about what this is NOT…
  • This is NOT a typical speak-from-stage event where the speakers have pre-scripted presentations meant for a passive audience.
  • This is NOT a pitch-fest with attempts to get you to buy more products and services from the speakers.
  • This is NOT a motivational RA-RA gathering where you walk away with temporary motivation to continue the hustle.
This is a true mastermind. Each person participating is a high-performer that joins this room in order to receive counsel from their colleagues.

As Napolean Hill said:“When two [or more] people get together, a third mind, the Master Mind, is created.”

This means that a Mastermind is a group of respected individuals that can be considered as advisors to help transfer knowledge and propel past obstacles that any member is facing.

This is the only type of room where a Titan can ask another Titan for advice and share blueprints at this level.

What this means for you is...

This mastermind is the closest thing to getting 14 highly successful  real estate business owners to share with you the blueprint of their business and success

...All At The Same Time!

...WITHOUT spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get access to them through course after course.

…WITHOUT spending months and years going to events to meet each of them.

...WITHOUT making any of them your own personal coach for 1-2 years, costing an arm and a leg.

In fact, the mastermind members collectively decided to present to you this unique opportunity to participate for a fraction of the typical mastermind costs (more on that later)

Most masterminds like this cost a minimum of $25,000 to attend, but we’ve nearly eliminated price as an obstacle for attending and absorbing the knowledge and wisdom that this group can provide for you.

Here’s what these Titans will show you:

They will show you the most critical components of their businesses.

They will show you how they build and grow their teams, culture, and revenue streams

They will share with you the biggest lessons they’ve learned and the most painful mistakes you should avoid.

They will drop platinum-level nuggets that will make you hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars when implemented correctly.

They will reveal their Wealth EcoSystem to you…
systems of true wealth that keep making them money, hand-over-fist, over and over again...

...So that you may be armed to build the SAME type of EcoSystem for yourself and your family.

But first and foremost, you must understand these critical things keys:

  1. This event is one-of-a-kind and MAY NEVER open its doors to outsiders again

  2. The systems, strategies, and blueprints they reveal shall NOT BE REPEATED outside of the room (it’s for your ears ONLY).

  3. By attending, you would now have a responsibility to yourself and your family to make the study of their strategies your utmost priority and immediately take action

If you could have been in this room 3 years ago and implemented these blueprints, you would have already become wealthy and have the lifestyle you want for you and your family… TODAY.

What if you could achieve that 3 years from now? Would you prefer to stay in the rat race and do it solo for 3 years and find out? Or would you prefer to maximize your probability of success NOW?

We’ve all been in the struggle of personal development, building our business, trying to understand what is that ONE THING keeping us from achieving our dreams.

There’s no greater chance of success than having 14 Titans of real estate give you their best gold nuggets at the same time, so that you have the opportunity to become the best version of yourself sooner.

It’s a rare opportunity to see all of these “A-Players” in the same room, with the intention of creating an impactful shift in your thinking and your business

In order to fully maximize this gathering, we’ve established three days of intensive sessions:

Day 1

You will be introduced to the mastermind Titans and each of their respective specialties, along with what they believe are important fundamentals you need before the next two days. 

There will be opportunities to start meeting and becoming familiar with everyone in the room

Day 2 & 3

The mastermind officially begins on Day 2.

Each member will have a one-hour session where they will reveal their biggest current money making systems, unique revelations they’ve learned, challenges they had to overcome (and how), and provide an opportunity for discussion around the model they’ve shared.
There will be an end-of-day discussion session where additional conversations will take place around ideas, revelations, challenges, and questions.

For attendees in-person, there will be networking opportunities after the sessions have been completed.

VIP in-person attendees will participate in additional gatherings and a Secret Party to be revealed at the appropriate time.

After the 3 days...

VIP tickets for both in-person and virtual attendees will be sent full recordings of all the sessions for THEIR EYES ONLY so that these blueprints can be fully absorbed and implemented.

Additionally, all ticket holders will receive BONUS real estate material (with a value greater than $2,500) from the generosity of mastermind members that have contributed to the Mastermind.

Ready to reserve your seat? Know this first...

Due to COVID restrictions, our in-person seating is extremely limited, and tickets will no longer be available once we’re at capacity.

VIP ticket holders will join VIP lunches, additional networking opportunities, recordings, and other bonuses that continue to stack.
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