How Would You Like To Crash Our
"Closed-Door Mastermind" 
And Steal Our Proven Secrets For Creating a 7 & 8 Figure Real Estate business in the most competitive markets?

This isn’t your typical speaking from stage event, but the actual closed-door room where 7-figure earners share their secrets to crushing the game in real estate and business.

In April 2021 (April 30th - May 2nd), this mastermind is open for the first time… giving you the opportunity to be in the room where powerful relationships are made, and million-dollar businesses accelerated.

These doors may never open again. It’s for the serious and committed that want learn the exact steps to 7-figures from the leaders of the industry that never reach the public’s eye.
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How to eliminate years of trial and error
and build a $1,000,000 real estate business

Every guru out there has a course to sell. Every real estate event gives you "biggest and baddest" speakers. 

Don't get us wrong, they have amazing stories and information to share with you. But how often are you able to take exactly what they are doing today and run with it, replicate it in your business, and make money from it?

Consider this:
“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”
Napolean Hill originally said: when two people get together, a third mind, the Master Mind, was created. To him, it was a separate force in the conversation and had an energetic/spiritual connotation. 

A Mastermind is where you can acquire the WISDOM of others and use that to progress towards success in your life and business.

That's why we've created the Real Estate Entrepreneur Event and Mastermind, or the RE3 Mastermind, where we will get 14 Titans of real estate together to hold a true, closed-door mastermind, and NOT a typical speaking-from-stage event.
One gold nugget from the conversations in this group can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for any person operating a real estate business.
The Mastermind members will not be speaking to you from stage.

They will be having high-level conversations...
And you can Sit In On Those Conversations and walk away with their plans, systems, marketing strategy, and deal-structuring ideas to implement.
The entry fee to a group like this is typically $25,000 and up. Nick Perry, one of our mastermind members, said that he has spent over $500,000 just in masterminds and events. Most real estate entrepreneurs are not prepared to shell out that much money, and even if they do, they often feel as though they don't have enough to contribute to such a high level group. 

The members of this SuperGroup mastermind want to remove the two biggest obstacles for you:

1) The price barrier to entry
2) The feeling that you must contribute something worthwhile

And instead, allow ambitious investors like you to observe what these players are doing today in their business, how they get advice for their business obstacles, and how they implement new strategies and tactics immediately to stimulate growth for themselves and their teams.

You won't leave with a few days of motivational buzz that you get at a typical event. 
You will leave with CONFIDENCE and actual steps to take for your business that will bring you to 7 figures.

Powerful mastermind speakers.

Do YOU  Have The Courage To Earn A Million Dollars A Year?

Although the opportunity is available, this is NOT a public event. It's a private room for the tremendously ambitious real estate investor...

...The type of investor that is committed to the journey of success and has been yearning for the chance to be in the room with heavy hitters.

You see, every single one of the speakers has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend masterminds, adopt systems, and receive coaching to reach their success.

This is your opportunity to courageously make the leap and commit to being in the room of Titans, to learn their keys to success, and immediately implement the secrets they share with you.
Be in the room where million-dollar secrets are shared that you can immediately implement in your business
Get the opportunity to participate in Q&A with the owners of 7 and 8 figure real estate operations
Consolidate Years of Experience in 3 days and shorten the gap to success and scale
Network directly with the Mastermind speakers and expand your circle of influence


Dropping Bombs Podcast
Founder of LightSpeed VT

Sean Terry

Speaker, Author, Coach

Robert Martinez

Rockstar Capital
Over 4400 Doors Owned


All-In Nation
Nationwide Wholesaler
14 Titans
of 7 & 8 figure businesses
3 Full Days
of intensive sessions
Multiple Millions
in real estate transactions

The Westin Galleria

April 30th - May 2nd
Speakers and Topics
Speaker list for Miami will be released soon!
Jorge Valdes
"Narco" Mindset
Brad Lea
Building and Scaling Business
Christopher Kai
Billionaire Networker
Kirk Richards
David Olds
Creative Finance Expert
Scott Morse
Cold Call Monster and Investor
Nick Perry
Nationwide PPC Wholesaling
Lee West
Henry Washington
Rental Portfolio
Charles Hernandez
Creative Real Estate
Victor Herdia
Nationwide Wholesaling
Armando Olivares
Nationwide Wholesaling
Marcos Jacober
Tax Liens/Deeds and AirBnB
Ruben Mata
Sales & Mindset Specialist
Brad Blazar
Expert in Raising Capital
Ricardo Rosales (Host)
Nationwide Wholesaler
Keyan Razi (Host)
Online Marketer and Investor
Pat Hilton (EMCEE)
Master of Networking
Corey Geary
Nationwide Wholesaling
Joel Condor
7-Figure Fix & Flips
Brent Fanklin
Special Category Investor
Robert Wensley
CEO InvestorLift 
Dmitry Shirokov
CTO InvestorLift
Don Costa
Host of Flip Talk
Cris Chico
Investor & Marketer
Mike Jones
Special Guests - Musical Artist
Chris Jefferson
Nationwide Wholesaling
The (Roundtable)
Check out the "Mastermind before the mastermind".
The importance of investing in yourself and your education.
How to prevent mistakes by learning from others.
The value of having the right circle and network around you.
Breaking past the barrier of costs of Masterminds.

What attendees are saying

  • "Throughout my years as an operational manager I have come to realize that the relationships that were built and fostered with both my peers and mentors alike translated to successful endeavors. 

    As a freshman to the real estate industry, I’ll need to cultivate the same types of mutually beneficial relationships to keep my network and business strong. I couldn’t think of a better event to start!"
    Chad Operational Manager, Texas
  • "Throughout my years as an operational manager I have come to realize that the relationships that were built and fostered with both my peers and mentors alike translated to successful endeavors. 

    As a freshman to the real estate industry, I’ll need to cultivate the same types of mutually beneficial relationships to keep my network and business strong. I couldn’t think of a better event to start!"
    Chad Operational Manager, Texas

Frequently asked questions


What's different about this mastermind?

Most events and masterminds are geared toward attendees are learning from a particular leader of the mastermind. What is different about this mastermind is that it's FOR high-performers of business in real estate.

The members are active 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs and are actively sharing what's going on in their business today that would be useful to other members of the mastermind. As an attendee, you have the opportunity to skip much of the learning curve by seeing the current and cutting edge methods that are working for them TODAY, not what they did YESTERDAY and are now teaching.

When does the mastermind take place?

The dates for the event are April 30th through May 2nd.

The Event is on April 30th, and the Mastermind takes place May 1st and 2nd.

What is happening on each day?

The first day, April 30th, will be a standard event where Mastermind speakers have an opportunity to share information specifically for you, in preparation for the Mastermind.

The second and third days, May 1-2, will be the actual mastermind where the speakers will be going over high-level content in intensive sessions, deep-diving into what they are implementing for their businesses.

Where can I find the schedule?

A basic outline of the schedule can be found here.

Once you've purchased your ticket, you will have the itinerary delivered directly to you which will include the times and locations of all sessions.
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There is limited seating due to COVID-19, so this is first-come first-serve.
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