wholesalers, flippers, Portfolio Builders, and creative real estate investors...

Come spend 2 days with some of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs in the nation as they reveal the secrets to how they make money, hand-over-fist, in real estate.

Presented by Ricardo Rosales and Keyan Razi
The Real Estate Entrepreneurs Event and Mastermind 
is happening October 22nd - October 23rd, in Miami, FL at the JW Marriot Brickell
This will be an in-person only event, with rockstars flying in from all over the country to share their business blueprints.

VIP-only events will take place on the 21st and 24th.
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We’ve invited these powerful millionaire entrepreneurs to be part of this mastermind:

Speakers and Topics
Speaker list for Miami will be released soon!
Jorge Valdes
"Narco" Mindset
Brad Lea
Building and Scaling Business
Christopher Kai
Billionaire Networker
Kirk Richards
David Olds
Creative Finance Expert
Scott Morse
Cold Call Monster and Investor
Nick Perry
Nationwide PPC Wholesaling
Lee West
Henry Washington
Rental Portfolio
Charles Hernandez
Creative Real Estate
Victor Herdia
Nationwide Wholesaling
Armando Olivares
Nationwide Wholesaling
Marcos Jacober
Tax Liens/Deeds and AirBnB
Ruben Mata
Sales & Mindset Specialist
Brad Blazar
Expert in Raising Capital
Ricardo Rosales (Host)
Nationwide Wholesaler
Keyan Razi (Host)
Online Marketer and Investor
Pat Hilton (EMCEE)
Master of Networking
Corey Geary
Nationwide Wholesaling
Joel Condor
7-Figure Fix & Flips
Brent Fanklin
Special Category Investor
Robert Wensley
CEO InvestorLift 
Dmitry Shirokov
CTO InvestorLift
Don Costa
Host of Flip Talk
Cris Chico
Investor & Marketer
Mike Jones
Special Guests - Musical Artist
Chris Jefferson
Nationwide Wholesaling
Don Costa is the host of podcast Flip Talk and an active wholesaler and flipper. He specializes in negotiations and teaches how he gets the deal done and manages multiple active projects at the same time.

His podcast features many prominent real estate investors that share lessons learned from the industry.
Marcos Jacober is a tax deed and tax lien specialist. He remotely buys and sells tax delinquent properties remotely from all over the country. 

He teaches how to spend as little as $100 to make $10,000 by using proper buying techniques when flipping a tax deed.
Charles Hernandez is a ninja with creative real estate transactions. His company, HBHS, acquires properties using unique and hidden techniques that 99% of other investors know nothing about.

Charles LOVES to share and contribute to the community. He teaches marketing, technique, mindset, and company culture to anyone that asks.

Be in the room with top-tier investors where a single golden nugget or relationship can bring you hundreds of thousands in revenue.

This is the room where high-level real estate investors come together to share what's working best now in different lanes of real estate, including:
  • Local and nationwide wholesaling

  • Seller finance strategies for buying and selling

  • Multi-family wholesaling, flipping, and portfolio building

  • Raising capital to fund real estate deals

  • Mobile home parks and affordable housing

  • AirBnB and short term rental models

  • Marketing online and offline

  • And much more!
For 2 days (or 3 days if you hold a VIP ticket), we’ll have speakers from a variety of real estate businesses share their models, how they do their marketing, how they negotiate with buyers and sellers, and the creative ways they build their wealth with their businesses.

We are also having sessions with special speakers such as Jorge Valdes, Brad Lea, and Christopher Kai.
Jorge Valdes survived and overcame the narco world, torture, years in prison, and then eventually built a multimillion-dollar business.

After serving time in prison for 10 years, he earned his PhD, built his business, and now teaches the wisdom and lessons learned from his years in the nacro world, and the power of Change.
Brad Lea is the owner of LightSpeed VT, a multi-million dollar software company specializing in interactive training.

Brad specializes in sales and personal growth, frequently speaks on stages with Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett and many other motivational speakers.

He's also the host of the Droppin Bombs podcast, where he interviews millionaires and billionaires from multiple industries.
Christopher Kai has been called the "The Billionaire Networker” by Inc. Magazine, and Forbes has recognized him as an “international speaker.” Christopher Kai is a Fortune 100 global speaker, 6x author, and #1 international bestselling author of “Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities.” He is also the founder of GPS, a global speaker training program and private membership with clients in 120 cities, 30 countries, and 6 continents. He has helped his corporate and online clients generate $200 million in revenue. 

Who is this for?

Both new and experienced wholesalers, buy & hold investors, flippers, commercial investors, and any other real estate professional that could benefit from learning and understanding today’s methods of investing to further their wealth-building journey.

Build powerful relationships that can propel your business forward

While speakers and topics are huge when it comes to information transfer, it’s the people that come to the event that really make it a powerful experience.

From all over the country, investors come together to see old friends, make new ones, and build business relationships that can result in gold nuggets or partnerships that produce hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in new revenue.

Day 1 (VIP Mastermind)

Before the 2-day event, we'll be holding a special mastermind for speakers, sponsors, and VIP ticket holders. 

We'll deep-dive into special blueprints around marketing, operations, scaling, and new revenue generators that people at the very top are implementing in their businesses.

There's also extra time for networking with all of the speakers and sponsors.

Day 2

We'll kick off the main event with some powerful preparations of mindset with Ruben Mata, then jump right into presentations by the mastermind Speakers to give you a direct into their business, how it operates, and how you can immediately take action and implement TODAY.

Day 3

Each member will have a one-hour session where they will reveal their biggest current money making systems, unique revelations they’ve learned, challenges they had to overcome (and how), and provide an opportunity for discussion around the model they’ve shared.

There will be an end-of-day discussion session where additional conversations will take place around ideas, revelations, challenges, and questions.

For attendees in-person, there will be networking opportunities after the sessions have been completed.

VIP in-person attendees will participate in additional gatherings and a Secret Party to be revealed at the appropriate time.

Want more from the event?

GOLD tickets are available which give you further access to the event, including a pre-event Mastermind for GOLD and VIPs ONLY, taking place on the 21st. There is an additional event on the 24th that will take place on our exclusive Yachts for our VIPs.

VIP ticket holders will be sent full recordings of all the sessions for THEIR EYES ONLY so that these blueprints can be fully absorbed and implemented.

Additionally, all ticket holders will receive BONUS real estate material (with a value greater than $2,500) from the generosity of mastermind members that have contributed to the Mastermind.

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